Sarahs Sparkle 2018 Commissions Jeanette Cook.jpg

Sarah’s Sparkle


Kiln fused glass on silvered birch ply, wall mounted on silvered birch ply.

Untitled I 2017 Commissions Jeanette Cook

Untitled [i]

Kiln fused glass 2017

These clients have a truly lovely house with a ‘deco’ feel to it. They commissioned three ‘mask’ pieces which would work as a triptych, hung side by side together and picking up on the blue/purple/pink shades in their beautiful dining room.

Towards Sandown 2017 Commissions Jeanette Cook

Toward Sandown

Kiln fused glass 2017

This client has a home in deal, and commissioned a piece evocative of the town. I chose to depict this view of the seafront road looking towards Sandown, as it encompasses the picturesque, pretty pastel coloured old houses which are so typical of deal.

Frizzante 2016 Commissions Jeanette Cook


Kiln fused glass 2016

Burano II

Kiln fused glass Private commission 2017

My client and her husband love the colourful island of burano. Having seen my original ‘burano’ piece (see image in the venice series page) after it had been sold elsewhere, this piece was commissioned as a surprise birthday gift for her husband.

Untitled II 2017 Commissions Jeanette Cook

Untitled [ii]

Kiln fused glass 2017

Mr E 2016 Commissions Jeanette Cook

Mr E

Kiln fused glass 2016

The client who commissioned this piece asked for a ‘likeness’ of himself. He most definitely did not want a portrait, but rather, my impression of him as an individual. This was a really interesting commission for me, as i had never attempted such a thing before, and there was much trial and error. But in the end i believe i have managed to capture something his look and of his character, of what makes him unique. I am very pleased with what i achieved. And happily so is my client!

Elemental 2015 Commissions Jeanette Cook


Kiln fused glass 2015

This piece was commissioned for a dining room. The room is decorated in shades of green, the furnishings include beautiful pale green leather dining chairs and there is a large abstract painting, predominantly reds, oranges and dark blues, on one wall. ‘Elemental’ was created to link the various features of the room.

Mollie 2017 Commissions Jeanette Cook.jpg


Kiln fused glass Private commission 2017

Being pleased with the image i had created of him earlier, my client commissioned another piece, this time of one of his daughters. This most interesting and engaging young lady is a self confessed ‘nerd’ and very definitely did not want anything remotely girly, pink or glittery. This is the result. I was happy with it, and more importantly, so were my client and his daughter.

Untitled III 2017 Commissions Jeanette Cook

Untitled [iii]

Kiln fused glass 2017

For Danae 2016 Commissions Jeanette Cook

For Danae

Kiln fused glass 2016

This piece was commissioned by the client for a bedroom, in which there is a very good copy of gustav klimt’s ‘danae’, beautifully decorative with all it’s rich oranges, reds and gold. There is also a fabulous deep purple velvet chair in the room. I designed this piece to link those elements, using gold mica powder to create sparkle and shimmer.

Triptych 2015 Commissions Jeanette Cook


Kiln fused glass 2015

This piece was created for a large kitchen/breakfast room. The sleek and modern room has unusual stained glass pelmets of geometric design in shades of black and grey sitting over the window and the french doors at either end of the room. The decor is softened by two organic, vibrantly coloured paintings. This triptych takes elements from each of the paintings, and from the straight lines of the pelmets.