A busy time

The Wandering

The Wandering

I’ve certainly had a very full summer, with lots of lovely stuff going on! I was lucky enough to visit France several times - a long weekend in the beautiful little port of Honfleur, a couple of weeks in rural Charente, a train trip way down south to St Jean de Luz, and then a few wonderful days in Paris, culminating in a dinner at the fabulous Train Bleu restaurant to celebrate a BIG birthday. To say I have been spoilt is putting it mildly!

On top of all that, a few weeks ago I spent a most enjoyable day around my studio and workshop being photographed by the talented Bernadette Baksa, with designer Stella Chapman who kindly came along and gave advice on styling. Like a lot of people, I hate having my photograph taken, so I can’t thank them both enough for making it such a fun day. I’ve never felt so comfortable and relaxed with a camera pointing at me, and am delighted with the results! (You can see one of the images on the About page).

But in between all the fun and frolics, I have been working hard too. With two exhibitions coming up in October - ‘In Passing’ at ThompsonSpareArt in Tunbridge Wells, and ‘Edge’ at the Tin Tabernacle in Hythe - I’ve been busy creating sculptures and fused glass pieces to show. I mentioned a while ago about being excited by a particular poem. It’s William Butler Yeats’ ‘The Song Of Wandering Aengus’, which is full of wonderfully inspiring imagery, and I have made several new pieces in response to the words. So I’ll be showing the pieces I’ve completed thus far. I feel I’ve hardly scratched the surface of the poem though, so I’m certain there will be many more to come.

Jeanette Cook